Match Month

In the month of December, the Cheyenne County Impact Fund has the opportunity to get a boost. The endowment has the chance to increase by $150,000. This is not possible without your help. Below are the details of the match and how you can get involved in contributing to your community.


The Dane G. Hansen Foundation has challenged the Cheyenne County Kansas Community foundation to a 1 to 1 match during the month of December. The funds will go directly into the Cheyenne County Impact Fund endowment.

  • The Hansen Foundation will match up to $50,000. For every dollar you give to the CCIF, Hansen gives a dollar.
  • If the initial match is met, Hansen will give an additional $25,000 to the CCIF endowment.
  • Bill and Cindy Keller will match another $25,000 to the CCIF endowment.
  • With the community’s $50,000, the Hansen Foundation’s $75,000 (contingent upon the community’s donations), and the Bill and Cindy Keller’s $25,000, the Cheyenne County Impact Fund has the potential to grow by $150,000.


If you want to be a part of this match and double your contribution to the community, becoming part of every grant given that improves Cheyenne County, there are multiple ways to donate.

  • You can donate right here, right now by following this link:
  • Send a check to either of the following addresses:
    CCIF c/o GNWKCF, P.O. Box 593, Bird City, KS 67731
    CCKCF, P.O. Box 967, St. Francis, KS 67756
  • Hand deliver a check to any board member
  • Drop your donation off at any bank in Cheyenne County