The Cheyenne County Kansas Community Foundation is an affiliate of Greater Northwest Kansas Community Foundation and serves as a ‘savings account’ for the good of Cheyenne County; “building the foundation of tomorrow” through financial gifts today. The Foundation provides an avenue for donors to give to for projects, county-wide or community specific needs, building endowment funds for perpetual giving, and personalized giving that best suits the donor’s wishes.


The purpose of the community foundation is to encourage individuals to make tax-deductible charitable donations to be utilized along with possible grants, government programs, government loans, and other funds. These combined funds can then be utilized to improve the quality of life in Cheyenne County.


The St. Francis Community Foundation was formed in 2007, replacing the New Generation Fund Inc. In 2018, we changed our name to Cheyenne County Kansas Community Foundation to reflect our true purpose: serving all of Cheyenne County. We are affiliated with the Greater Northwest Kansas Community Foundation, who provides consultation, back office support, investment and oversight services.

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Updated as of July 18, 2023

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