Cheyenne County Kansas Community Foundation

How To Give

Commit to Give

Make a conscious decision that you wish to give a financial gift to a charitable organization which most interests you and/or your family.

Choose What to Give

You may wish to give a one time cash gift, share in a bountiful harvest, designate a portion of a life insurance policy to a charity, include the charitable cause in estate planning, make distributions from an IRA to a charity, name a charity in a transfer on death deed, or one of many other giving options.

Determine How to Give

Work with the CCKCF board to determine the best way to give that aligns with your personal goals: give to an existing fund or establish a new fund or scholarship.

Decide When to Give

Work with your accounting or legal services to determine the best time to donate to maximize your charitable giving.

Help Build the Foundation For Tomorrow

Two Easy Ways To Give

1. Online through the Greater Northwest Kansas Community Foundation’s online donation portal

2. Mailing a check to PO Box 967, St. Francis, KS 67756

Why Give to CCKCF?

A community foundation is a public charity that focuses on supporting a geographical area to address community needs and supports local nonprofits.  When you donate to CCKCF, you are supporting charitable causes close to home. Because it’s a public charity, you receive the tax advantages of making a charitable contribution.

Whether you’re a potential donor, a professional adviser, a local nonprofit director, or someone who is simply concerned about the future of northwest Kansas, connecting us is the first step toward a better tomorrow for Cheyenne County, Kansas!


Consider a Planned Gift

The Dane G. Hansen Foundation understands the importance of giving locally in Northwest Kansas.  The Trustees have spearheaded the NW KANSAS GIVES initiative with 26 counties in the Dane G. Hansen Foundation service area to provide resources to assist foundations and their donors to help secure the future of Northwest Kansas communities. Between 2020 and 2064, nearly $30 billion dollars will transfer from one generation to the next in the 26 counties of NW Kansas. The opportunity to capture a portion of that wealth is a remarkable one, and the time is now.

Most intergenerational wealth transfer will go to heirs, many or most of whom will take their inheritance with them to a home outside of NW Kansas. If, as a generation, 95% of Baby Boomer estates in NW Kansas went to children or family, heirs would be well cared for. If the remaining 5% went to our local communities, the future for NW Kansas would be forever changed.

NW Kansas Gives represents an effort to educate NW Kansas residents and encourage thoughtful, planned charitable gifts as a part of overall estate planning.

Donors who wish to make a charitable gift in their estate can meet with John Griffin, Estate Planned Giving Attorney, to help design a Trust and/or Will that best fits the individual or family’s wishes and needs, while going through what different tax advantages are available within their personal financial scenario. This opportunity is also available for anyone who wishes to have their current legal documents reviewed by John.

Thanks to a generous donation from the Dane G. Hansen Foundation, there is no charge to participants within the Hansen 26-county region to utilize John’s service to draft or review a plan.


Contact a board member or learn more at: