Board & Staff

The CCKCF Board Members are people from the Cheyenne County community who care about the future of our communities. If you are interested in volunteering for CCKCF, talk with any board member or email us at cheyennecountyks@gmail.com

Meet CCKCF board and staff

Carla Lampe

I joined the St Francis Community Foundation Board in 2007 and have been a part of many changes. It's an honor to serve, establishing CCKCF as an important part of our communities. My vision is working to build a strong foundation and leave a solid legacy for generations to come.

Tom Smull

Vice Chair
My parents and grandparents instilled in all the kids that we must give back. I want to help make a difference in our community and build a brighter future for the next generation. Everyone will benefit if Cheyenne County continues to thrive and prosper.

Tom Keller

My goal in serving on the foundation board, since its inception, is to encourage others to consider Cheyenne County as one of their heirs, thereby making a perpetual investment in the future of their community.

Tim Burr

I was approached about being on the foundation board, and the timing and the situation seemed right for me. I believe we all the qualities to contribute back to our communities, and this is an opportunity for me to do so.

Dara Carmichael

Over the years, I have enjoyed being a part of the Community Foundation, and watching it grow from the original vision. The community giving continues to build the quality of life for all citizens of Cheyenne County, now and for generations to come. Together we have built community endowments, addressed needs through grantmaking, including scholarships; and provided leadership on key issues. I encourage others to be part of this vision.

Penny Gienger

We are fortunate to have CCKCF in place to make life in Cheyenne County even better. My goal as a board member is to promote our community for future residents to enjoy.

Amy Hendricks

Cheyenne County is a wonderful place to settle down and raise a family and I am proud to call this place my home. I want to give back to my community by investing in our county's future and I hope to do so by being on the CCKCF board. Careful planning and building a strong foundation now can help make a bright future for all of Cheyenne County and its residents.

Cliff Leach

Having grown up in Cheyenne County and returned "home", I want to do my part to encourage the next generation to return "home". I feel CCKCF will play and important role in making Cheyenne County a "home" to come back to!

Tony Serbousek

I became the next pastor of the United Methodist Church here in St Francis in July 2020. What a year to be moving during a global pandemic. Previously I was pastor to three small rural churches the last couple of years in East Central Nebraska. I safely arrived and began to get settled in my new home and community. I was asked within a few months after arriving if I'd be interested in serving on the Cheyenne County Community Foundation Board. I eagerly agreed to do so. Being a new resident to the area and now a member of this board, I can help give a little different perspective. I also now have an opportunity to get to know people in the area, and learn what is important to them. In addition, I have an opportunity to help make a difference and as a newcomer to the area, I am very grateful to help this wonderful community and county grow.

Jane Young

Everyone must do their part to keep Cheyenne County viable and I am excited to be part of an organization that promote growth and positivity. I believe that we as foundation members can be leaders and facilitate out communities working together for the betterment of Cheyenne County.

Jessica Matthies

In my life I have lived many places. Cheyenne County has won my heart. I am the new administrative assistant for the foundation. I cannot wait to see how many lives are impacted by the work done here at CCKCF.

Carl Werner

Carl Werner served on the Community Foundation board since its inception and has been through the organization through all of its changes. He served USD 297- St. Francis Public Schools for the majority of his lengthy career as an educator and administrator. Carl's love of education and the USD 297 school system is what prompted him to establish the St. Francis Educational Foundation Fund. While Carl retired from the school and CCKCF board in 2020, he is forever an honorary member of our board.
Emeritus Board Member

Jim Milliken

James Milliken was one of the first board members to join the Community Foundation board after its initial incorporation in 1988 and served on the board through all the name changes until his death on May 15, 2021. Jim was always proud that he and his wife, Ruth, called St. Francis home and raised their children here. He considered himself a farm boy and set up his shingle as an attorney in St. Francis after being encouraged by Bob Alsup. He believed in working to preserve and enrich the Cheyenne County KS community as a way to give back for the life the town provided for his family. Jim and Ruth walked the talk and gave generously in time and money to their "home" town. The St. Francis New Generation Fund and the St. Francis Educational Foundation Fund were both very special to him, and he was thrilled to see those endowment funds grow during his lifetime.
Emeritus Board Member *deceased