We welcome you to a community where generosity ensures our future, where anyone can help make a difference.  The Cheyenne County Kansas Community Foundation exists because of charitable donations and endowments.  Acting as the community’s savings account, we ensure those generous gifts are best spent to enrich the lives of current and future generations.

Any gift regardless of amount is valued.  Many leave estate endowments, treating the community as they would one of their heirs.  Donations can take many other forms.

Our board members are happy to help answer any questions about donations or endowments.

President: Carla Lampe
V. President: Tom Smull
Treasurer: Lauren Reyelts
Financial Adviser: Jim Milliken
Secretary: Dara Carmichael
Bruce Swihart
Carl Werner
Eddy Schultz
Martin Burton
Michael Day
Robyn Raile
Tom Keller

An affiliate of Greater Northwest Kansas Community Foundation since 2017.

Contact us today for more information.

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